Friday, August 5, 2011

My Witchy heart is all a-flutter!

Good afternoon my lovely Witchy friends!
Yesterday the best thing ever happened. My box that was full of herbs and willow tree branches came in! (My clothes were also shipped in the box from NY-but those aren't as important. :D
I was sleeping in my bed when I heard my mother say "Brittany," then probably something else, and a loud thump on the floor in my bedroom. My sick little  body was like: "Sleeppy sleep sleep..." But a split second later my brain registered what the thump was! I leapt out of bed and thought crazed-ly "MAH BOX, MAH BOX IS HEREZ! YEAAAAH!"
(image of pantry found here:

I tore into that box as if it was a life line. I pulled all the herbs and branches out and just hugged them. They were my precious- like in Lord of the Rings! LOL
As I fondled my herbs and sticks I decided to take a picture of them to share with you all! Here they are:

Oh, and the feathers you see are actually swan feathers I found on the bank of the Hudson. (I saw the swans swimming nearby that's how I know what type they are)

If you are wondering what I made with the willow branches...BAM!- here are some pictures! I made WANDS! YAY!

These 2 will be up on my etsy shop within the next day or so! I also made a third wand but I am keeping that one for myself! It's made of willow and 18 inches long. There are purple-y blue fresh water pearls and moonstones decorating it with a long quartz point. The wand is also very graceful looking and it curves upward. It fits my hand so perfectly! It feels like an extension of my arm. Since it is so long it's so hard to take a picture of it, that's why I don't have a picture of it on here just yet!

On a completely different topic, the most wonderful, thoughtful, sweet thing ever happened to me today. Again, I am laying in bed trying to rest and my father comes in my room and says "Did you invite Scott to come over?, because his truck is outside and he is about to ring the doorbell."
So once again I practically leapt out of bed! But I took one look at myself and was like "Crap!" My hair was in a messy pony tail, I was in my poka dot pajamas. I needed to take a shower but there was no time! I heard the door bell ring and I ran to get some deodorant on; within 5 sec. there was a knock at my bedroom door. A very self conscious me greeted my boyfriend. Of course he looked so handsome and get this, he had a bouquet of white roses and a bag of goodies that he knew would make me feel better. The thought was so sweet that I actually started tearing up. He is so good to me and always manages to make my heart flutter. I love him so much! He even brought me more herb jars since he knew I ran out of them! I am so lucky to have him in my life!

Thanks for reading and Bright Blessings!


  1. Awesome news Brittany... a very vivid experience indeed... those wands look so powerful and the celtic carpet looks really good too... share now your experiences with those crystals and herbs with us....
    bliss and blessings ☼

  2. I'm sorry you're ill right now. :( But yay! for packages and loving boyfriends. ^_^

    How do you make your wands? I only now how to get the bark off. XD

  3. Hi Merry!
    Usually taking the bark off is the hardest part, that why I do my darndest to find the ones that don't have bark on them! LOL.
    Anywho, making a wand is fairly simple. I always begin with the wire wrapping. I start at about 1 inch away from the tip of the wand and begin winding with 22 or 24 guage wire. (also you need some needle nose pliers!)
    I then create a solid enough base around the wood and work upward. After that with the remainder of the wire dangling off the end, I choose a crystal that "feels right" and fits onto the top part well. While holding the crystal in 1 hand continuously wire wrap until the crystal is completely secure!

    Next with a 26 or 28 gauge (thin) strip of wire I thread gemstone beads around the wand!

    (After that I might do a bit of wood burnishing near the bottom!)

    Then I'm done!

    Eliseo, thank you! Hahaha I will get to those in time!

  4. Beautiful wands! The first is willow, but what kind of wood is the second one?

  5. Hi Blue Faerie I am uncertain since I found it on the grass near the banks of the Hudson River. But is felt fiery, whatever tree it was... :)

  6. I really like your blog. I am a pagan college student myself. I can't afford a lot so I like chants and magic that does not need a lot of supplies. Salt, candles, books , and tarot are things I can occasionally buy. I need to save up for other things. I really like the way you make your wands and will have to save up for one like that. The stuff in your etsy in amazing and i will keep an eye out.

  7. Hi Clarity!!
    Thank you so much! Yep, I know the feeling- there is so much stuff I would love to buy, but being a broke college student really puts you on a budget!
    Goddess Bless!

  8. Where do you get your herb jars?