Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quicky Post!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to a post real fast to let all of you lovelies know that I haven't forgotten about this blog and I will be doing a new entry sometime this week! It's going to be a "how to" create your own divination tools!

It will be awesome and fun so I hope you will stay tuned. Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I am a huge tumblr freak now (which is why you don't see many posts here anymore) so if you want the latest news, images, EVERYTHING that is going on check out my tumblr page:

Next, I wanted to welcome all of my new followers! HI!!!!!!! Remember, you guys can always contact me- via posting below in the comments section or on the "contact button" on my profile page.

Goddess Bless, and I will see you soon!!!


  1. Merry Meet, sweet one!!! Oh, this sounds really exciting;) I've gotten back into one of my many books and Divination is one of the first things being taught. Although I've read it many of times over, along with experiencing with Divination in the past -- I've currently been wanting to pick it back up again in my studies.

    I work off the Land that I live on in the Woods, and something's been making a call for me in creating a "Pendulum" for future explorations. I have some things in mind for making one, out of Natural materials and/or from any small crystals I may have laying around that I haven't used in years! Any fancy ideas that may strike you, do share!

    Many hugs xo,
    )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

  2. Hi Shamanic Winds!
    Great! What perfect timing then! It's funny that you mention pendulums since that was one of the items that I would be teaching!!! What a cool thought though...if one could be made out of all natural items and a second one for a more modern style. Others tools on the list I planned to talk about were: scrying mirror, scrying bowls, creating your own unique wooden oracle set and creating norse runes!

    Thanks for commenting and many hugs to you to!! :DD
    ~)O(~ Brittany