Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Make a Crystal Necklace with Leather!

Hello my lovelies!
Well I was requested on tumblr to make a tutorial on how to make a crystal necklace with leather- so here you go! To note, there is so many ways you can make this, and I definitely plan on exploring it more! This was the first time I made a necklace like this myself!

So here is what you are going to need:

1. Scissors
2. Ruler
3. Small strip of deerskin
4. Leather cord
5. Needle nose jewelers pliers
6. A long crystal
7. Thick needle and waxed thread
8. 22 gauge wire (silver plated or brass is perfect)
9. Leather hole punch (optional)
10. Acrylic paint (silver) and a very small detail paintbrush

Step 1: Get your small strip of deerskin leather that wraps around your crystal. Now wrap that strip around the crystal to estimate the size you need. You want the strip to overlap a little so you can sew it. (Don't add wiggle room for the crystal, it needs to tightly go around it!) See picture-

Step 2: Now that you know how big or small the strip of leather needs to be, it's time to sew!
With your waxed thread, sew the leather together to form a circle. Cut off the tail of the thread!

Step 3: Pinch the leather circle on both sides, making the sewn line that you just made in the center of the circle. Then with your leather hole punch on the smallest hole setting, punch a hole. Then do the other side. Since you had the strip pinched in half, it makes two holes on both sides! (If you don't have a hole punch, gently make two on each side with your scissors.)

Step 4: Cut 2 strips (approx. 22 inches long each) of the leather cord. Grab one of the cords and thread it through one side of the holes. Leave about a 2 inch tail:

Now do the other side! It should look like this now:

Step 5: Now, wiggle the quartz into the leather circle-

Step 6- The Crystal should now have the strip of leather wrapped securely around it.

Now, cut a small strip of wire, about 3 inches long! Grab one side of the tail of the leather cord and the long leather cord, and wrap them together. On the ends of the wire make little curly q's and press them with your finger onto the leather.

Cut off the tails:

It should now look like this:

Step 7. Time to decorate! You have the option of doing further wire wrapping (around the center) or you could paint your design with acrylic paint! (Here is a quicky wire wrap around the crystal, but I had decided to paint it instead!)

Here is how mine turned out when I painted the center with silver ink:

Step 8. Just tie the necklace around your neck and you are done! Enjoy!

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