Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Witch's Way- Incorporating Paganism or Witchcraft in your daily life!

Hello my Pagan and Witchy Friends!
It's been far too long since I have last written, even though this blog is constantly on my mind! This latest entry is going to be about incorporating your faith and practice into your daily life!

As a college student, there is simply never enough hours in the day it seems for anything but homework. Not to mention having a job on top of that! And when there is a brief free moment all we really want to do is just take a deep breath and just... relax.
The problem with this is, we are so physically invested that we neglect our spiritual selves. Quickly, we begin to forget to live our faith. Whether it be to call upon our Gods and Goddesses for inner guidance, seasonal festivals, meditation and reflection, and the reasons WHY we are Pagan and (or) Witches.

I will freely admit where there has been times in my life that I had been slacking in some departments of my faith, but how I got eventually out of it was by creating art.

Art to me is a reflection of my spirituality. My art is the deepest part of me. Whether is be painting, beading, wood-burnishing, sewing and bookbinding, my blood hums with the energy that I pour into that object.

With the opening of my online pagan store, it allowed to reach depths of my faith that was unexpected. My creations forced me to further research each Pagan or Witchy object- symbols, spells, history, herb lore, crystals, everything.

I found myself doing more guided meditations and talking to and calling upon my patron Goddess, Danu. I became more active in my spiritual practice. So what I learned is that you need to find something that you are passionate about and weave faith within that action.

For example, say you are passionate about gardening. Start growing a small herb garden! With each herb you will learn their name, their magical and medicinal properties. You can harvest the herbs and use them in your spellwork~ and they will have even more meaning because you nurtured them to fruition.

Say you are not sure what exactly your passionate about but you do want to start being more active in your faith but time is a huge factor for you. There are a few things you can do while on "the go" or incorporate into your daily practice.

1. Incorporate Nighttime magic- create your own anti-nightmare spells, peaceful sleeping, healing, herbal sachets or magical pillows, rituals etc...
Two useful resources for this sort of thing can be found in:

A.) Wiccan Spell a Night by Sirona Knight.
For those of you who are all like "HEY, I'm not Wiccan I'm (insert a Pagan branch here)!" Well, neither am I, but it is a handy resource for nighttime magic. You can always adjust and adapt the spells to suit your needs or make your own!

B.) The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes
This book is truly invaluable, and  be on any Witch's shelf. This is probably my favorite books because there is so much information in it! This book can help spark magical crafty ideas! 

C. Make your own magical teas and sleep herbal blends! Pretty self explanatory!

2. Start Chanting.
Learning chants are beyond handy!! You can compose your own, find them in books or on the internet.  Most importantly, you can do them anywhere- on the bus or in a car, as you walk, you can do them when you are about to do something important. Eg. I always chant to the Goddess to guide my fingers right before I an about to perform a piece on my harp, because I get nervous playing in front of people. This allows me to have the Goddess calm me down and center myself.

3. Wear a symbol of your faith
This doesn't need to be some gaudy pentacle or anything, just something that is important to you that you can directly link to your faith as an affirmation of your spirituality. You can make a bracelet braided from yarn that are the colors of the phases of the goddess- maiden, mother, crone. Be creative, and it will mostly have more meaning!

4. Start a Pagan Journal
This doesn't need to be a Grimoire or a Book of Shadows. What you would do is go about in your daily life and collect fallen leaves, flowers. Write about what you find and what drew you to them. If you happen to know what the object's name is (like an oak leaf or maple leaf) do a bit of research about it and write it down. 

5. Start Scrying
You would be surprised to find how helpful and relaxing it is. To make it time efficient before (or after) you eat your lunch (breakfast, dinner etc.) Fill a dark cup (or a coffee mug) with water. Relax and let the world melt away, if you so desire you can chant! Allow images to rise to the surface of the water and fade away. This is a great way to develop your "sight" and gain greater insight about yourself.

6. Hit the Books-
The best thing about a book is that you can take it virtually anywhere. If you are still in the broom closet and don't want the world to know what you are reading, you can get a stretchy textbook book cover to put over the book. You can learn wonderful things while in line at a convenience store, in a doctors office, or if you are in school~ between classes.

A great book to read for everyday magic is a book literally called: "Every Day Magic: Spells and Rituals for Modern Living" by Dorothy Morrison.

7. Make Sigils!
To learn how to, see my video:

These are just a tiny bit of what you can do to. There is always meditation, beading, knitting and more. Create practices that work best for you!

~*~ I really hope that I have been able to spark a few ideas with this post! So I would love to know what all of your thoughts are, and would love to know how you incorporate Paganism or Witchcraft in your daily life!

Bright Blessings!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Witchy heart is all a-flutter!

Good afternoon my lovely Witchy friends!
Yesterday the best thing ever happened. My box that was full of herbs and willow tree branches came in! (My clothes were also shipped in the box from NY-but those aren't as important. :D
I was sleeping in my bed when I heard my mother say "Brittany," then probably something else, and a loud thump on the floor in my bedroom. My sick little  body was like: "Sleeppy sleep sleep..." But a split second later my brain registered what the thump was! I leapt out of bed and thought crazed-ly "MAH BOX, MAH BOX IS HEREZ! YEAAAAH!"
(image of pantry found here:

I tore into that box as if it was a life line. I pulled all the herbs and branches out and just hugged them. They were my precious- like in Lord of the Rings! LOL
As I fondled my herbs and sticks I decided to take a picture of them to share with you all! Here they are:

Oh, and the feathers you see are actually swan feathers I found on the bank of the Hudson. (I saw the swans swimming nearby that's how I know what type they are)

If you are wondering what I made with the willow branches...BAM!- here are some pictures! I made WANDS! YAY!

These 2 will be up on my etsy shop within the next day or so! I also made a third wand but I am keeping that one for myself! It's made of willow and 18 inches long. There are purple-y blue fresh water pearls and moonstones decorating it with a long quartz point. The wand is also very graceful looking and it curves upward. It fits my hand so perfectly! It feels like an extension of my arm. Since it is so long it's so hard to take a picture of it, that's why I don't have a picture of it on here just yet!

On a completely different topic, the most wonderful, thoughtful, sweet thing ever happened to me today. Again, I am laying in bed trying to rest and my father comes in my room and says "Did you invite Scott to come over?, because his truck is outside and he is about to ring the doorbell."
So once again I practically leapt out of bed! But I took one look at myself and was like "Crap!" My hair was in a messy pony tail, I was in my poka dot pajamas. I needed to take a shower but there was no time! I heard the door bell ring and I ran to get some deodorant on; within 5 sec. there was a knock at my bedroom door. A very self conscious me greeted my boyfriend. Of course he looked so handsome and get this, he had a bouquet of white roses and a bag of goodies that he knew would make me feel better. The thought was so sweet that I actually started tearing up. He is so good to me and always manages to make my heart flutter. I love him so much! He even brought me more herb jars since he knew I ran out of them! I am so lucky to have him in my life!

Thanks for reading and Bright Blessings!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today feels Magical and a (mini) Review of Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft!

Good Evening my Witchy Friends!
      For some reason today feels magical! Which is wonderful except for the part where I am sick! Do you guys every get those days where you feel the air is super charged with energy? Where you feel like doing magical workings? Usually I get this feeling in October, but it's August....
Anywho, I am back from NY! My trip was AMAZING! Unfortunately since I left my camera at my boyfriends apartment I can't share any photos just yet!
Here were the highlights of my trip:
1. Went explored the base in West Point! It looked like a freaking castle! The architecture was amazing!
2. Went to the original Sleepy Hollow- Yes, it is a REAL place! My friend, Meg, took me to the cemetery there. It was so awesome. I really wanted to get some graveyard dirt but didn't have any vials on hand. Arg!
3. Went to Tarry Town- it's right next door to Sleepy Hollow. Meg decided since I never had a pedicure that I absolutely HAD to have one. (My mother was a beautician so I never needed to go to a beauty salon :) I must say it was pretty darn fun. Normally I don't go for all the fussiness, but it was a nice change.
4. Went to go see the play "Wicked" on broadway. The play was absolutely brilliant!! I now understand all the hype about it!
5. Went to the infamous Herb shop Meg always talks about. I must give it props, it was awesome! I bought a ton of herbs! I even got a ton of new herbs that I have never worked with before so I am super excited to get started!
6. Went to the International Museum of Photography- an exhibit in Manhattan of Elliott Erwitt's personal best works. Some of the photos where absolutely mind blowing.

Those were just a few things that we did! There was so much more, but I would be writing for pages if I continued!

On the more Pagan-y side of things I started reading (gasp) Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.
I knew I shouldn't have. (I can hear all the virtual groans) I knew it was going to be terrible- I had read reviews on the book before and knew better. But I just had to see for myself. I should have listened to my gut. OY.

Here is the low down of the book so far:
    The first thing you notice when you begin reading is the 1.) self promotion. Like, hell dude, don't quote yourself in the book!! It's just freakin weird! Example: When discussing the History and Philosophy of Witchcraft the very first chapter, he quotes himself after discussing the Malleus Malleficarum. (pg. 5)
2.) He doesn't site his sources of information. Thank the Gods that I have been a practicing Pagan for a loooong time and able to see through the bullshit of this book. I couldn't believe what I read on pg. 3.
Quote: "In some areas of Europe these ritual leaders, or priests and priestesses, became known as the Wicca- the "Wise Ones". In fact by the time of Anglo-Saxon kings in England, the king would never think of acting on any important matter without consulting the Witan; the Council of Wise Ones." 
Ok, Buckland suggests here that Wicca was around the medieval times. Oh snap, actually he expands later that Wicca existed BEFORE Christianity. That it's an ancient religion, and let's face facts, ancient witchcraft and paganism was not called Wicca.
3. This guy is so pompous it makes me want to gag-
Quote, pg 7: "In America  the first Witch to "stand up and be recognized" was myself, Raymond Buckland." 
He said so many things within the first chapter that literally made me want to burn this book. If you have no prior experience with Paganism, read with caution!!. He uses many false facts and is so demeaning and condescending about other Authors and Pagans. This is by no means a complete book of witchcraft! I am seriously concerned that people interested in Witchcraft, Wicca or in other branches of Paganism will have to relearn many things that this book proclaims as true.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading guys!!
Goddess Bless,

P.S- For those who have read Buckland's  big blue book, what did you all think? Reactions?

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today I wrote down all the contestants names on a slip of paper and drew one from my lucky cauldron!

Congratulations Astrid, YOU are the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will email you today to get your address so I can mail it to you asap!

Thank you all for following and signing up! Remember to keep stopping by for your chance to win in the next drawing!

Goddess Bless!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hi Eveyone!
So, I just made my 100th sale on etsy!! I'm super excited! So to commemorate the event I am giving away something special I made! (See picture BELOW!) The contest closes 1 week from now! (on June 30!)
This a beautiful brass wire wrapped peacock ore:
(P.S- this is the front and back of the necklace!)

So if you would like to *win* this lovely necklace this is what you need to do!
1. "Follow" me on my blog!
2. In the "Comment box" below this post say: "Add me to the drawing" or something, so I know you want to participate!

That's it! If you are the lucky winner, I will send you this necklace free of charge! No, shipping payment required! :D
IMPORTANT NOTE: USA *only* applicants please!! Shipping costs are ridiculous otherwise (and I don't know how to ship internationally!

Good Luck everyone!!!
About Peacock Ore-
Peacock Ore is considered 'the stone of happiness'. It has amazing colors, blues, purples, pinks and gold! Very faery-ish!
Peacock ore brings freshness and newness to ones life. It stimulates one to seek further heights and initiates the ability to enjoy happiness in the moment. It helps one to release which is no longer useful. It protects from negative energy and provides insight of blockages in life which stop us from moving on.

Like this kind of stuff? Stop by my etsy store! Or if you want to keep in touch and find out the latest info, follow me on twitter!

Goddess Bless! )O(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Today is the day of the Summer Solstice, "This midsummer festival celebrates the apex of Light, sometimes symbolized in the crowning of the Oak King, God of the waxing year. At his crowning, the Oak King falls to his darker aspect, the Holly King, God of the waning year...
      This is a great time for divination, healing rituals, protection amulets, to discover love, and invoke a bit of luck into your life!

So for this post we are creating a fast: 
Protection Charm!

What you will need:
1. A little red pouch (or red fabric to make a pouch)
2. 2 Red strings- to hang the pouch from, and if you are making the pouch, to tie it closed
3. A sprig of Rowan, Rue and some St. John's Wort (Don't have those? Use Vervain as a supplement with St. John's)
4. Parchment paper (to write spell down on)
5. (optional- get some Citrine stones to put inside pouch)

Step 1: First, gather your red pouch! If you don't have one you can make it! Just get some fabric (and see the next step.)

Step 2: Next, place the herbs listed in the red bag. ( If you are wondering, why these herbs? Well, St. Johns wort is ruled by the sun. It has the power to bind spirits and is great for protection! Rue, has properties that protect against poison and disease!  Rowan protects against negative/harmful magic. ) If you are making the bag, place the herbs in the center of the cloth!

Step 3. 
With the Parchment paper write (and chant several times till you feel the magic build inside of you):
Herbs of the Sun, work your charm
Protect this House (<-- insert whatever you want) from any harm.

Feel your energy at your fingertips then pouring onto the spell to boost the potency.

Step 4. 
When you are ready, place the spell parchment inside the pouch! (Those who are making one, fold the corners of the herbal cloth into your fist with the parchment inside. Then tie the pouch shut. 

*Optional* If you have citrine stone, place them inside the bag! Citrine is one of the only stones that dissipates negative energy and never requires cleansing or clearing. It emits a warm energy that promotes optimism.

Step 5. Tie the other string around the top of the bag so you can hang it above your door! (Or anywhere needed). Ta Da! Your done! Then next year, make another and place the old herbs in your midsummer dedication fire!

~The info for this protection spell came from: Ancient ways by Pauline Campanelli (and of course a few modifications from me!)

I hope everyone has a great summer solstice! Let me know how it went in the comment box below! :D

Bright Blessings! )O(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goddess Blessing and Affirmation

Bless those who wake by the Goddesses rays,
Bless those who thrive in Her Light,
Bless those who walk Her Path each day,
Even in the Night.

This day is sacred, as is all days that come forward,
Ever changing, growing, loving,
May I always be honest and caring
On my path today.

May my actions harm none.
May my word be only truth.
For My thoughts change the world,
Even in Youth.

The Goddess walks beside and in me,
And on this path today and always,

               Guides Me.
This is a Blessing/affirmation I created last year-ish that I re-found again. This is probably one of my favorites! 
Bright Blessings,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Determination-I WILL write Damn it! :D

Hi my lovely Witchy friends!

So, I have been really procrastinating on this whole blog thing- eg. I have only managed to do the "Huge Book list" under the main headings, and a welcoming message. Bad, I know, BUT I am now super determined to start writing EVERY DAY. I want this blog to be a great resource and a bit of fun!

Thus, as I somewhat absently watch Saturday Night Live as I type this, here is what I have been up to in my magical life this past week-ish! )O(

1. Currently Reading:

The Rebirth of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente: 
OH. MY. GODDESS. I loooooove this book so far (and I am only on pg 56!) If you haven't read it you are beyond missing out. This book is just so fascinating! It explores the history of witchcraft (yet more pertaining to Wiccan history); also,Valiente's earliest experiences with Gerald Gardner (who I learned so much about from this book besides the general facts we all know). She has a amazing list of must read books in the back! 
You know how sometimes pagan or witchy history books can be a bit of a "dry?" Somehow she manages to keep you simply enthralled with all her life experiences. It's not gossipy, genuine studies and research went into this book. It's so refreshing! Can you believe I managed to find my copy in a used book store?! Yay!

2. "Quicky" Spell for: Calmness, Levelhead, and (of course) Strength! 

So last week, I met my boyfriend's parents for the first time. I was so beyond nervous (as some of you may know from my twitter). You see, they are hardcore Baptists and obviously I am Pagan. Sooo, I was absolutely dreading them bringing up the whole religion thing. Which led me to post a tweet asking the pagan community for luck/support! Turns out I then met a great woman on twitter who asked me to carry a shell, so she could send prayers/ and support.

Soooo after all that I created a "Spell Anklet" What I did was:
1. Gathered: 3 strands per 3 colors ( so total 9 strings) : Cobalt Blue (strength of the sea), White (for clear headedness), Light Blue, (for tranquility/calm). Then added a gold button with an anchor design (representing keeping myself steady and "anchored") Lastly, a white sea shell I had gathered from a previous beach trip.

2. Then began to braid- The entire time I braided, I weaved the spell that would brace me for my bf's parents. I thought of all the meanings and results that I hoped for and when I felt it was "right" to stop, I placed the anchor button on the end.

3. Next I placed the shell on: through the other end and centered it. I created a loop at the very end to create the clasp part.

4. Lastly, I wrapped it around my ankle while chanting: "Strength, Tranquil, Peace." I procceeded to wear it for the rest of the day!

Results:  They liked me a lot (according to my bf) ! I was able to keep a level head (I was actually ironically too tranquil to the point of being overly quiet) religion was not brought up either! Shocking right!? LOLOLOL! Way to be overly prepared huh? :D

3. Created Pagan Jewelry- Of Course!:

(From Left to right)

1. Enchanted Garden Necklace (Up for Sale on Etsy! See Link!)
2. Strength of Artemis Charm Bracelet (This is now SOLD, but another should be up soon on Etsy!)
3. Tree of Life Bracelet (Up for Sale on Etsy! See Link!)

There is a bunch more jewelry that I added to my etsy shop, so if your interested check it out! I really love making jewelry and to have people that love my work and have been so encouraging has been truly a blessing!

So, I appreciate you guys reading and I'm off to bed now! Goddess Bless!

Friday, June 3, 2011



Welcome to my new blog!
As the title indicated, this blog is all about my life, living as a college Witch and Pagan! Yay! I've added Pages (under the main Blog heading) to categorize specific interests and information, so don't forget to take a peek because that's where all the good, juicy information is!

It's going to take a bit of time to post all the things I wish since this blog is in it's baby stages so bear with me.

 I hope that this blog can kindle new thoughts for you and allow you to incorporate the Goddess and natural witchery into your every day life!