Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today feels Magical and a (mini) Review of Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft!

Good Evening my Witchy Friends!
      For some reason today feels magical! Which is wonderful except for the part where I am sick! Do you guys every get those days where you feel the air is super charged with energy? Where you feel like doing magical workings? Usually I get this feeling in October, but it's August....
Anywho, I am back from NY! My trip was AMAZING! Unfortunately since I left my camera at my boyfriends apartment I can't share any photos just yet!
Here were the highlights of my trip:
1. Went explored the base in West Point! It looked like a freaking castle! The architecture was amazing!
2. Went to the original Sleepy Hollow- Yes, it is a REAL place! My friend, Meg, took me to the cemetery there. It was so awesome. I really wanted to get some graveyard dirt but didn't have any vials on hand. Arg!
3. Went to Tarry Town- it's right next door to Sleepy Hollow. Meg decided since I never had a pedicure that I absolutely HAD to have one. (My mother was a beautician so I never needed to go to a beauty salon :) I must say it was pretty darn fun. Normally I don't go for all the fussiness, but it was a nice change.
4. Went to go see the play "Wicked" on broadway. The play was absolutely brilliant!! I now understand all the hype about it!
5. Went to the infamous Herb shop Meg always talks about. I must give it props, it was awesome! I bought a ton of herbs! I even got a ton of new herbs that I have never worked with before so I am super excited to get started!
6. Went to the International Museum of Photography- an exhibit in Manhattan of Elliott Erwitt's personal best works. Some of the photos where absolutely mind blowing.

Those were just a few things that we did! There was so much more, but I would be writing for pages if I continued!

On the more Pagan-y side of things I started reading (gasp) Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.
I knew I shouldn't have. (I can hear all the virtual groans) I knew it was going to be terrible- I had read reviews on the book before and knew better. But I just had to see for myself. I should have listened to my gut. OY.

Here is the low down of the book so far:
    The first thing you notice when you begin reading is the 1.) self promotion. Like, hell dude, don't quote yourself in the book!! It's just freakin weird! Example: When discussing the History and Philosophy of Witchcraft the very first chapter, he quotes himself after discussing the Malleus Malleficarum. (pg. 5)
2.) He doesn't site his sources of information. Thank the Gods that I have been a practicing Pagan for a loooong time and able to see through the bullshit of this book. I couldn't believe what I read on pg. 3.
Quote: "In some areas of Europe these ritual leaders, or priests and priestesses, became known as the Wicca- the "Wise Ones". In fact by the time of Anglo-Saxon kings in England, the king would never think of acting on any important matter without consulting the Witan; the Council of Wise Ones." 
Ok, Buckland suggests here that Wicca was around the medieval times. Oh snap, actually he expands later that Wicca existed BEFORE Christianity. That it's an ancient religion, and let's face facts, ancient witchcraft and paganism was not called Wicca.
3. This guy is so pompous it makes me want to gag-
Quote, pg 7: "In America  the first Witch to "stand up and be recognized" was myself, Raymond Buckland." 
He said so many things within the first chapter that literally made me want to burn this book. If you have no prior experience with Paganism, read with caution!!. He uses many false facts and is so demeaning and condescending about other Authors and Pagans. This is by no means a complete book of witchcraft! I am seriously concerned that people interested in Witchcraft, Wicca or in other branches of Paganism will have to relearn many things that this book proclaims as true.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading guys!!
Goddess Bless,

P.S- For those who have read Buckland's  big blue book, what did you all think? Reactions?


  1. The problem with the first chapter of the book (which i totally skipped anyway) was that it was written around the time that a "historian" wrote a book with evidence of wicca being an old religion. However since then it's been proven false, and the "History" in the book is totally just fluff.

    I enjoyed the rest of the book & what it had to offer as far as learning bits and pieces from it. Although he does still quote himself a lot, he has done a lot of research and written a lot of books about various things related to witchcraft.

    My favorite 'beginner book' though is still Scott Cunningham's, regardless.

  2. I am new to witchcraft and not knowing where to start learning, I thought this book would be a good start .. It was really confusing. Any advice?