Friday, June 10, 2011

Determination-I WILL write Damn it! :D

Hi my lovely Witchy friends!

So, I have been really procrastinating on this whole blog thing- eg. I have only managed to do the "Huge Book list" under the main headings, and a welcoming message. Bad, I know, BUT I am now super determined to start writing EVERY DAY. I want this blog to be a great resource and a bit of fun!

Thus, as I somewhat absently watch Saturday Night Live as I type this, here is what I have been up to in my magical life this past week-ish! )O(

1. Currently Reading:

The Rebirth of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente: 
OH. MY. GODDESS. I loooooove this book so far (and I am only on pg 56!) If you haven't read it you are beyond missing out. This book is just so fascinating! It explores the history of witchcraft (yet more pertaining to Wiccan history); also,Valiente's earliest experiences with Gerald Gardner (who I learned so much about from this book besides the general facts we all know). She has a amazing list of must read books in the back! 
You know how sometimes pagan or witchy history books can be a bit of a "dry?" Somehow she manages to keep you simply enthralled with all her life experiences. It's not gossipy, genuine studies and research went into this book. It's so refreshing! Can you believe I managed to find my copy in a used book store?! Yay!

2. "Quicky" Spell for: Calmness, Levelhead, and (of course) Strength! 

So last week, I met my boyfriend's parents for the first time. I was so beyond nervous (as some of you may know from my twitter). You see, they are hardcore Baptists and obviously I am Pagan. Sooo, I was absolutely dreading them bringing up the whole religion thing. Which led me to post a tweet asking the pagan community for luck/support! Turns out I then met a great woman on twitter who asked me to carry a shell, so she could send prayers/ and support.

Soooo after all that I created a "Spell Anklet" What I did was:
1. Gathered: 3 strands per 3 colors ( so total 9 strings) : Cobalt Blue (strength of the sea), White (for clear headedness), Light Blue, (for tranquility/calm). Then added a gold button with an anchor design (representing keeping myself steady and "anchored") Lastly, a white sea shell I had gathered from a previous beach trip.

2. Then began to braid- The entire time I braided, I weaved the spell that would brace me for my bf's parents. I thought of all the meanings and results that I hoped for and when I felt it was "right" to stop, I placed the anchor button on the end.

3. Next I placed the shell on: through the other end and centered it. I created a loop at the very end to create the clasp part.

4. Lastly, I wrapped it around my ankle while chanting: "Strength, Tranquil, Peace." I procceeded to wear it for the rest of the day!

Results:  They liked me a lot (according to my bf) ! I was able to keep a level head (I was actually ironically too tranquil to the point of being overly quiet) religion was not brought up either! Shocking right!? LOLOLOL! Way to be overly prepared huh? :D

3. Created Pagan Jewelry- Of Course!:

(From Left to right)

1. Enchanted Garden Necklace (Up for Sale on Etsy! See Link!)
2. Strength of Artemis Charm Bracelet (This is now SOLD, but another should be up soon on Etsy!)
3. Tree of Life Bracelet (Up for Sale on Etsy! See Link!)

There is a bunch more jewelry that I added to my etsy shop, so if your interested check it out! I really love making jewelry and to have people that love my work and have been so encouraging has been truly a blessing!

So, I appreciate you guys reading and I'm off to bed now! Goddess Bless!


  1. It's Pagan Reading Rainbow! I love it!
    I am totally going to check up on this so you have to write more-LOL.

  2. Wow! What pretty jewelry! And I'm glad your boyfriend's parents liked you. ^_^ I'm following your blog by the way on Feedly. :D

  3. Thank you so much Merry! And thanks for following! :D