Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hi Eveyone!
So, I just made my 100th sale on etsy!! I'm super excited! So to commemorate the event I am giving away something special I made! (See picture BELOW!) The contest closes 1 week from now! (on June 30!)
This a beautiful brass wire wrapped peacock ore:
(P.S- this is the front and back of the necklace!)

So if you would like to *win* this lovely necklace this is what you need to do!
1. "Follow" me on my blog!
2. In the "Comment box" below this post say: "Add me to the drawing" or something, so I know you want to participate!

That's it! If you are the lucky winner, I will send you this necklace free of charge! No, shipping payment required! :D
IMPORTANT NOTE: USA *only* applicants please!! Shipping costs are ridiculous otherwise (and I don't know how to ship internationally!

Good Luck everyone!!!
About Peacock Ore-
Peacock Ore is considered 'the stone of happiness'. It has amazing colors, blues, purples, pinks and gold! Very faery-ish!
Peacock ore brings freshness and newness to ones life. It stimulates one to seek further heights and initiates the ability to enjoy happiness in the moment. It helps one to release which is no longer useful. It protects from negative energy and provides insight of blockages in life which stop us from moving on.

Like this kind of stuff? Stop by my etsy store! Or if you want to keep in touch and find out the latest info, follow me on twitter!

Goddess Bless! )O(


  1. Please add me to your magickal sorting hat! =^-^=

  2. This is just gorgeous! Please add me to the drawing!

  3. Beautiful! I found your blog through another blog promoting your give away!! Please add me to the hat. I'm following you now through my twitter account (trvlingheart).

  4. add me please <3

  5. OOooo me too, me too! I'd love a chance to win that beauty!! Congratulations on 100 sells, that's wonderful!

  6. *raises hand* pretty please add my to your drawing?:P

  7. Oh, this is just... so beautiful. Please, add me to the drawing! <3 It's stunning!

  8. @mandolinchick on TwitterJune 30, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    Add me to the Drawing! Please!

  9. I'd like to be added to the drawing :)

  10. youre so gifted at making these things

  11. add me to the drawing please
    I ended up in a crystal shop today and was drawn to peacock ore the feeling it gives you inside and the way it tingled in my hand was just so amazing

  12. Dang! Too bad I missed it. Such a pretty...

  13. Please add me to your drawing. I love your blog by the way. Blessed Be